Expedition motorsailer boat ATOA-64
Expedition motorsailer boat ATOA-64
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Concept ATOA

"ATOA Expedition" (2008)
Aluminium yacht for unlimited cruising worldwide.
From Arctic TO Antarctic.
Video from first trials
Place: Netherlands Wind: 20-25 knots Temp: +2C Speed: 9 knots
ATOA Expedition

Concept: Morozov Yachts
Design: Heyman Yacht Design (Sweden)
Builder: Dutch Yacht Builders (Netherlands)
Sales: Velero S.L. (Spain)

ATOA Expedition is sound built yacht for full time living aboard of couple or family with occasional crew or friends.

This sailing yacht has all points, which you can estimate from ocean cruiser:

  • moderate sail area and full batten sails
  • ketch rig with furled jib and gennakers
  • aluminium hull reinforced for motoring in light ice condition
  • 6 watertight bulkheads
  • heavy displacement and long keel
  • small draft 1.6 m and protected propeller and rudder
  • hydraulic bow-thruster
  • huge tanks for fuel and water
  • fuel ballast tanks
  • powerful diesel and genset
  • diesel heating
  • closed pilothouse with round visibility for navigation
  • fully protected big cocpit
  • 3 cabins and wide saloon
  • separate office for work
  • workshop with tools
  • cargo hold for diving compressor
  • aft deck for storage for full size dinghy and windsurfer
  • folding aft platform for boarding
  • big sail locker
  • full height engine room
  • practical Flexiteek decking
  • high quality modern classic teak interior
Not so many yachts on the market with such characteristics.


ATOA means in full wording - "Arctic TO Antarctic unlimited cruising" and it is solo guide line for all our designs and building process.

The modern boat building is evolving to opposite directions: one is very fast racer-cruiser, second is one is mass production "white plastic" and the third is superyachts with paid crew.
The niche for the sound cruising yachts with seaworthiness on the first place is still about empty.

Today the choice is split between very expensive custom brands or super yachts, sporty Opens or similar boats and "optimized" for market production boat.

The custom boats or super yachts have the designer's innovative, which are sometimes against the simple practical boating traditions - modern minimalist interior, fully opened aft deck as dance floor and sharp angled furniture. These yachts need more engineering crew then navigators. This is good for boatshow and marina, but for safety cruising of couple is doubtful, not only due to big size of the boats, but for designers solutions.

The racer-cruisers from Open's family of racing boats is very popular trend in our days. Many solutions are come form ocean racing scene, such as carbon rig, water ballast and canting keel. Very light and speedy hulls flying at about 20+ knots speed, with highly professional crew, supported by big sponsors. And in same time there are a lot of damages of keels, rudders, masts and hulls. This is big game for big boys, but not for cruisers.

"White plastic boats" - every year more and more builders of production boats come on the market, trying to compete with big brands. This is the market war of prices and production optimisation. Are these criteria most important for the proper cruising boat ? How is the sound boat can be cheap, if she is not built at backyard or in thousands units? It means that production builder use cheaper labour, materials and construction at minimal allowed level. And this game is covered with multi million advertising budgets.

Even boat builders which were known for their sound cruising yachts are moving on this way of simplicity of the construction and interios design.

When you want to find the sound cruising yacht, you looking for near classic boats from 80th, but they are already more then 25 years, good age even for plastic lady. The only way is custom metall yacht, which takes a lot of time and money. This is our view to the picture of today yachting scene.

From other point of view, the modern communication ability and overcrowded marinas are push the cruisers to new far destination, where the word "seaworthiness" stay on the first place. But the climate changes on the earth brings more severe weather conditions, big waves and typhoons. The rising cost of living ashore today can be compared with option of living aboard, when everything is always with you independs where you drop the anchor.

In such case the "floating house" should be sound and reliable for any seas and has long range ability for unlimited cruising.

These ideas was put in our new expedition aluminium yacht with name ATOA - from Arctic TO Antarctic

Alexander Morozov